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   Register Student                                 
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Important Points To Note For Registration
1.Only NEW Students Are To Register Online
2.Documents needed for Registration
• NRIC/BC of Students and NRIC of parents
• Students - End-of-Year Examinations Result Slip (2019)
3.Documents needed for Fee Waiver Application(Including CTP Applicants)
• NRIC/BC of all Family members living together
• MOE FAS Letter (If Applicable) OR
• Income Documents (any one of the following) of all family Members
       Three-Month Payslip (OR)
       Six-Month CPF Contribution Statement (OR)
       Notice of Assessment of Income Tax Returns
4.Documents needed for Registration (Indian Foreigners)
• Photocopy of Students Identity (Foreigner BC)
• Acceptance Letter of Foreign student ACCEPTED in MOE-Based Primary School or Secondary School

Registration Information

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  Programme     School/Centre  
  Creation Date   29-10-2020    

Personal Information

View the Student Personal Information.  
   Personal Details
  Student NRIC/BC No.     Student Name  
  Gender     Date of Birth  dd-mm-yyyy    
  Race     Citizenship  
  Religion     Ethnicity  
  Mobile Number   Home Number
   Permanent Address
  Postal Code    
  Block     Unit No.  
  Name of Street     City  

Correspondence Address   

  Postal Code  
  Block   Unit No.
  Name of Street   City

Educational Information

   Registration Details
  Select Level     Registration Date  dd-mm-yyyy    
  First Intake Year   Name of Day School  
   Subject you wish to register

Particulars of Family Members

Have a child already registered in SINDA? Input child's/parents' NRIC and click on 'RETRIEVE' to get existing family details.
NameNRICDOBAgeStatusRaceCitizenshipHome TelHPemailRelationshipNett Monthly IncomeOccupation Actions
Family details not added EDIT DELETE
Per Capita Income

General Information

* Type of Accommodation
* Do you have a Personal Computer at home?  
* Do you have Internet connection at home?
* Did you purchase PC via SINDA’s NeuPC Scheme?
* Where did you hear about our programme?
* Are you currently receiving any assistance from SINDA?
* If yes, please specify:
* Are you currently receiving any assistance from other organization?  
* If Yes, please specify:


   Educational Details
Level / Class Country From To Marks Obtained
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