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Important Points To Note For Registration
Mandatory Documents to be uploaded
1) NRIC (Front & Back)
2) Photo
3) Bank Account Details (Front page of passbook or statement)
4) Educational Certificates (NIE certificate is compulsory, if applicable)
5) MOE CV/Personal CV
Section A : Personal Details
Name as in NRIC .   Identification Type
NRIC No.   Gender  
Date of Birth     dd-mm-yyyy   Age
Race   Year of Graduation  
Highest Educational Qualification   Name of Qualification Attained  
Religion   Contact No.  
Marital Status   Citizenship  
Personal E-Mail Address      
Are you NIE Trained? If yes, please specify NIE qualification attained
Training hours Completed  
Section B : Previous Teaching Experience STEP/Project Teach
I Have Previously taught in

Name(s) of STEP centre or Teach school Year recruited
Number of years in the programme Level(s) & Subject(s) Taught
Reason for Leaving    
Section C : Choice of Zones

Please choose your schedule preference(s) Please note that classes will be conducted after school hours

Any other specification
Section D : Declaration
Do you have relatives or know anyone in SINDA HQ If Yes, Please Specify
Do you have Relatives / Siblings / spouse teaching in STEP / Teach Programmes? If Yes, Please Specify
Have you worked in SINDA before? If Yes, Please provide details
Section E : Bank Details
Tutor's Name as in Bank Records   Account Type
Account No. (Please omit dashes)   Bank Name
Branch Code   Bank Code  
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